One Africa Football Clinic


Our mission is to Build a lasting football hub that is instrumental to discovering talented football players in Africa and giving them international opportunities.

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To discover young, talented African Footballers and grow the next generation of African football superstars and position them for international recognition.


To create opportunities for talented young stars to play internationally through our collaborative partnership with clubs in Europe, Asia etc. To provide a platform for sharing and exchanging knowledge and expertise in relation to high-performance football


To partner with multi nationals and international corporations to facilitate the vision of discovering amazing young talents in Africa to achieve their dreams. To also serve as a talent factory for discovering quality and competitive African players.


To demonstrate leadership and presence in raising the profile of world-class mobile football clinic in Africa both regionally and internationally by developing and operating collaborative activities.

Set Up

To set up the most credible global platform that house best Africa's football super stars.

Workshop Strategic Pointers

Building a lasting Institution that is instrumental to harnessing talented football players in Africa and giving them international connectedness.

Game Intelligence

Ball Control | Dribbling Skills | Passing Accuracy | Body Control | Spatial Awareness | Tactics

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Physical Fitness

Risk Assessment | Balance & Endurance | Strength & Power | Passion | Mental Strength | Coachability

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International Opportunities

Get you International Opportunities from Europe, Asia, Middle East etc.

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